Lately I’ve been trying to think of ways to bring some extra money into the house. If we are ever going to pay our mortgage by 2025 and put some money away for early retirement, then being frugal and saving as much as we can isn’t going to be enough. There’s only so much you can save before expenses are cut to the bone. We need to increase our income. I’ve been putting some thought into employment options or possible ‘side hustles’, but it may take some time for plans to come to fruition. For now, I’ve decided to devote some time to bringing in some small amounts of money by selling off our unwanted clutter.

The Joy of Decluttering

I love decluttering. I find as I get older, my tolerance for ‘stuff’ diminishes. Having young children, and all the playful messes they bring, also encourages me to get rid of any stuff we don’t need. We just don’t have space for kids’ messes AND piles of unnecessary objects we are storing. I also love the idea of passing on useful things to other people. Selling items we no longer use brings me in some extra cash, saves money for the people who buy them, and is better for the environment, as it reduces the number of brand new items that are produced – win win win!

Facebook Selling Groups

With all this in mind, I decided to try my local Facebook selling groups. I’ve been a bit wary of using these for the last couple of years. When I used them previously, several years ago, I found myself frustrated by people not turning up to collect things, not replying to messages and various other ‘flaky’ behaviours. But, with the ISA balance in mind, I decided to try again with a few large baby items we no longer need.

I found is that it is so easy in these days of smart phones to just snap pictures with your phone and upload straight to the FB group. You can also post in one place and FB gives you the option to ‘Share to other groups’ with one click, rather than having to make multiple posts in different selling groups. Fantastic! I posted two items, and shared them to two selling groups in my home town. I had messages about both items within a couple of days, and they were picked up and gone soon afterwards. Excellent! One shelf in the Cupboard of Doom is nearly clear and the ISA is £52 richer.

Selling on Facebook: for Beginners

If anybody reading has never sold anything on Facebook but fancies giving it a try, then just search on Facebook for ‘[Hometown] for sale’ and see what groups come up. You can request to join them and once you get added you can list posts for sale. Make sure you take photos that show the item off in all its glory and be honest about the condition – you don’t want to waste time having people come to collect an item, only to decide they don’t want it after all due to its condition. Include any measurements if it is relevant information, and instruction manuals are useful too. Anybody who is interested can message you and then just take it from there. Easy peasy.

Right, I’m off to scour the house for more treasures to sell. I may even be brave enough to give ebay a try!