Well, who’d have thought it? I got the job! After a very nerve-wracking day of interviews and written tasks and tours, I got a call to say the job is mine!

I start in September, so I get to enjoy the rest of the summer without job hunting, safe in the knowledge that I am in fact an employable human being after spending several years in the Stay at Home Mum wilderness. I will be working two days a week in a boarding school, and my shifts include staying in over night. My husband will be cutting back his work hours to three days a week to accommodate this, so we will both be part-time workers, and we get to stay at home with the kids the rest of the time. The best part is that, because my job is term time only, in the school holidays we will have four whole days a week together as a family.

In terms of income, Money Mister’s gross pay will drop by around £10500, and I will earn a little more than £9000, so our gross income will go down. However, my earnings will be within my tax-free allowance, whereas the earnings Money Mister is dropping would be taxed. He also would have paid National Insurance on all of it, while most of my earnings will be below the threshold so I won’t pay very much of that either. I estimate that we will be approximately £200 a month better off by sharing the earning workload. We now have the exciting task of deciding where to funnel our new-found riches!

In the meantime, I will be gearing up to enter the workforce for the first time in nearly 4 years. I also have to face the exhausting task (for introverted little me) of getting to know lots of new students and colleagues. I’m excited about it, but also feeling nervous. It’s a funny thing when you stay at home with your children for several years – your confidence regarding how fit you are to do anything else with your life can be eroded. Hopefully I will get the hang of the work thing quickly enough and enjoy having another string to my bow.

The biggest thing is that I’m so happy to have figured out a new work/life balance for the family. Money Mister can spend more time at home, having adventures with our little family, and less time in the job he hates. I’m declaring part one of Mission: Freedom accomplished!