Living for today

A big part of planning our finances is being able to afford more freedom in the future, but that’s going to take us a long time. It’s important not to put off everything fun and good about our lives until some imaginary date in the future, when life will suddenly be perfect and we can get on with things. Life is short. Sometimes life is FAR shorter than we ever expect it will be. We don’t have unlimited time on this earth to spend with our loved ones, have our own adventures, and explore our interests. So with that in mind, I am planning to make sure we have some fun along the way, and don’t allow ourselves to become boring penny-pinching misers.

I recently stumbled across the Day Zero Project, where people make lists of 101 things they want to do in 1001 days. I think this will be a great way to make sure we don’t get too caught up in the daily treadmill, so I’ve decided to go ahead and make my own list. I plan to write monthly updates on how I’m getting on, to make sure it doesn’t get pushed aside for more ‘important’ things (meaning sensible but tedious things we feel we should do). Here is my list:

101 things to do in 1001 days

  1. Go on a cycling and camping holiday
  2. See a ballet with my children
  3. Go to a music festival
  4. Complete a term of Forest School
  5. Attend at least 10 Beach School sessions
  6. Go on a mud walk on the estuary
  7. Help with the apple harvest
  8. Make and get started on the children’s ’50 things to do before 11 ¾’ scrapbooks from the National Trust
  9. Have a meal at the River Cafe
  10. Go to The Bear Trail muddy obstacle course for children
  11. Go to a paddling pool or splash park
  12. Make a family tree
  13. Go strawberry picking
  14. Fly a kite
  15. Go on a ‘rockpool ramble’.
  16. Go on a motor home holiday
  17. Take 10 fun photos of all four of us
  18. Visit an underground cave
  19. Go on a ‘glamping’ holiday
  20. Put up a photo and souvenir display on the landing
  21. Finish planting in the garden
  22. Plant a fruit tree
  23. Run 54 more parkruns to take me to a total of 175
  24. Get a massage
  25. Start ballet lessons
  26. Run the Eden Project half marathon
  27. Learn to do 100 push ups in 100 days
  28. Do yoga on the beach
  29. Complete an obstacle race
  30. Run in the Devon County track championships
  31. Reduce my diastasis recti gap to 1 finger width
  32. Set up a first aid kit
  33. Learn about stocks and bonds and decide on asset allocation for savings
  34. Get typing speed to 60 words per minute
  35. Track my menstrual cycle for 6 months
  36. Learn to find and fix punctures on my bike
  37. Complete a course on
  38. Learn to service the car
  39. Learn to cut the children’s hair
  40. Make a toy for the children
  41. Make a notebook from scratch
  42. Make costumes for the children for World Book Day
  43. Do a drawing every day for a month
  44. Complete Dr. Seuss colouring book
  45. Design and make something to sell on Etsy
  46. Make curtains for the living room
  47. Buy and customise lampshades for all the rooms in the house
  48. Make a ‘zine as a yearly summary of our family’s adventures each year
  49. Customise some plimsolls
  50. Sew and screen print some tea towels
  51. Make a fairy garden
  52. Complete a 365 day photo challenge to take a photo of myself every day for a year
  53. Design and make 5 t-shirts and upload the designs to a t-shirt selling website
  54. Make some Christmas bunting
  55. Decorate the children’s bedroom with a literary theme
  56. Design and make a 60th birthday present for my Dad
  57. Sew my hand knitted jumper together
  58. Make 10 more ‘mama cloth’ pads and some washable bags for storing them
  59. Make a compost bin
  60. Read Paradise Lost
  61. Read Animal Farm
  62. Read 1984
  63. Read The Pickwick Papers
  64. Read Dombey and Son
  65. Read The Personal MBA
  66. Read Atlas Shrugged
  67. Read Catcher in the Rye
  68. Write 8 novels/ novellas to self publish
  69. Write a book for the children
  70. Make a baby book for each of the children’s first years
  71. Write a letter to myself to read in 10 years
  72. Write a haiku
  73. Write an e-book (and self publish)
  74. Write a letter to the girl I sponsor in Ghana
  75. Get up to 100 posts on the blog
  76. Make American style pancakes
  77. Learn to make breakfast burritos
  78. Make homemade yoghurt
  79. Make homemade ice cream
  80. Learn to make croissants
  81. Learn to make 3 different soups
  82. Make homemade muesli
  83. Volunteer 15 more times at parkrun to get to a total of 35
  84. See a Shakespeare play I haven’t already seen
  85. See a sunrise and sunset on the same day
  86. Sell 50 items on eBay and Facebook
  87. Get some roller skates
  88. Go ice skating with Money Mister
  89. Write a will
  90. Fly on a trapeze
  91. Cut and save locks of the children’s hair
  92. Go to a movie by myself
  93. Donate blood 4 times
  94. Grow my hair long and learn to do 3 new styles
  95. Invest money with Kiva
  96. Go a week without watching TV
  97. Go paddle boarding
  98. See a film at an outdoor screen
  99. Get a job
  100. Set up a home office space
  101. Overhaul my wardrobe


That should keep me busy for a while, and hopefully make a lot of fun memories.