Recently I have been working on my plan to enable my husband to cut back his hours at work. He hates his job and it’s really stressful. His blood pressure has been higher than it should be lately, and he is preoccupied and irritable during the week. Before I had my daughter over 3 years ago I was working in a school as a Teaching Assistant, and before that I’ve worked in various child care and social care roles.

Career change plans

The problem with working in school, as fun and rewarding as it is, is that the hours are relatively short and you only work 38 weeks of the year. So, trying to replace 40% of Money Mister’s income by working 2 days a week in a classroom is not gonna happen! With that in mind, I’ve been aiming to change careers. For the last few months I have been studying in order to get into an office based finance / admin role. I’ve already completed a Foundation qualification and recently took an exam in a second course which covers bookkeeping software. Well, today I got the results of my exam and………I failed.

Big fat fail

I didn’t just fail a little bit, I totally failed. It was a massive shock as I didn’t even come out of the exam feeling like it was a disaster. I had got 95% in the mock exam marked by my tutor, so I’ve obviously learnt the content of the course, I just totally screwed up in the exam and I don’t even know how. The results I received contain very little feedback, so I don’t know where I went wrong. I guess I made some mistakes early on that messed me up for the rest of the exam. This is really annoying and somewhat humiliating. I’m normally good at academic type stuff, and have never failed an exam in my life.

New opportunities

Oh well, my bruised ego will recover, but it is leading to a rethink. In fact I have a bit of a dilemma as, by chance, I have just spotted a job advertised working in school. It’s part-time and term time only, but because it involves staying overnight in a residential school, it comes with a night-time allowance, which makes it just enough money to enable my husband to go part time. I could get the hours and the money we need without retraining for a new career after all! I’ve applied, but obviously I may not get it.

To resit, or not to resit?

So, I’m not sure whether I should arrange a resit for my exam, and continue on with the advanced course I’m currently studying, or just give up. On the one hand, the new qualifications will be unnecessary if I get this job. On the other hand, you never know when qualifications may be handy in the future, and it would be good to have another string to my bow. I was also really enjoying it as I love numbers – maths was always my favourite subject at school. There’s also the fact that I’ve paid for the courses and would hate to waste all that money. The course I failed, and the other one I’m currently working on, have cost me nearly £900. Ouch! If I continue with them I would have to pay for exams though, which would be a further £320 (and more if I fail any more of them and have to resit!), so by stopping now I could at least save myself the exam money.

I think the best thing to do is to wait and see what happens with this job. If I get it I will probably give up the finance course. I do at least have a Foundation qualification and all the course  materials to continue studying in the future if I change my mind. Fingers crossed I get this job!